Visualization of the Internet Service Providers Relationships

The Internet Registries Point of View


Notice: the service collecting overlapping information from the registries is now part of another project for the analysis of the Internet Routing Registry. Hence, it has been migrated to
Hermes is a system for exploring and visualizing the Autonomous Systems and their interconnections. It relies on a three-tiers architecture, a large repository of routing information coming from Internet Routing Registries, and on a sophisticated graph drawing engine.
The Hermes project is developed at University "Roma Tre" by the Computer Network and Graph-Drawing Research Group of the Computer Science Department since 1998.

Using the sidebar menu you can get an overview of the architecture of Hermes (About Hermes), a brief description of its main characteristics (Main Features), and some practical examples (Image Gallery, Some Screencam).
If you experience some problems please read Applet (for Win & Linux) and How to install the Plug-In or contact us by email.
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